Nutritional information

Mykosan JUNIOR PLUS is tailored specifically to the needs of the child's organism. The product is a healthy, delicious alternative to the same sugary breakfast cereals or beverages, that are often everything else in their composition than healthy for children. Developing a product that promotes health and well-being of your children was very important to us. Because early age sets the course for later in life are made. In other words, a healthy child nutrition can significantly help avoiding problems later.

Container content - 450g

Recommended dosage - 1.5 tablespoons (tbsp) 30 g intake per day

Servings per container - about 15 servings

Nutritional information



Carbohydrates, resorbable

Dietary fibre


hereof saturated fatty acids


per 100g

351 kcal/1470 kJ

13,0 g

50,2 g

8,6 g

8,8 g

1,7 g

0,0 mg


Organic Pumpkin seeds, Organic Amaranth, Maple Sirup, Organic Cacao, Organic Chlorella, Organic Camu Camu, Organic Oat, Organic Galgant, Organic Reishi/Ling Zhi, Organic Almonds,


Organic Pumpkin seeds

Organic Amaranth

Maple Sirup

Organic Cacao

Organic Chlorella

Organic Camu Camu

Organic Oat

Organic Galgant

Organic Reishi/Ling Zhi

Organic Almonds

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